It’s the QAtor company policy to commit to customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive, reliable and efficient solutions from customer driven demands.
A basic level of support and maintenance is provided to secure unlimited free software upgrades assuring that you can always take advantage of the latest product features and enhancements. QAtor also provides 24/7/365 technical support depending on service and support level arrangement.

QAtor will provide support for customers through telephone, network/modem and/or through QAtor’s E-mail. QAtor collaborates with highly experienced business process consultants in assisting and identifying the support services tailored for each client. Support and consulting services are available to assist your solution’s customization, integration and validation that involve all the QAtor

Our aim is to improve your experience and increase satisfaction with our solutions with various supporting methods including:

email and phone support

E-mail and phone support

24 hours available

Response times depending on support agreement (24 / 8 / 4 hours depending on the contracted support type)

maintenance and support

Maintenance and support; clients will always have the most up to date solution with regular updates and releases


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