Provides an electronic file modification tracker

FDA regulative 211.184 (c)

“(c) An individual inventory record of each component, drug product container, and closure and, for each component, a reconciliation of the use of each lot of such component.

The inventory record shall contain sufficient information to allow determination of any batch or lot of drug product associated with the use of each component, drug product container, and closure.”

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QAbaseline is a tool for creating baselines of several files in just one operation. It can compare a baseline with previous baselines and clearly identify removed, added files or modified files in a compare report.

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QAbaseline Key Benefits

Save baselines in
a single file, making
it easier to manage

regulatory compliance


easy and simple user interface icon

Easy and simple
user interface

easy to perform and manage

Easy to perform,
manage and compare baselines on files

baseline save icon

Save settings for
baselines to perform
them again and again

USB installed icon

No installation
required, runs from supplied USB key

no target machine altered icon

Baseline data will
be saved on USB key,
so target machine is
not altered

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Can run on
640 / 480

QAbaseline is a tool developed and validated by QAtor for keeping track of large numbers of files and easily identify differences over time using a well-defined mathematical algorithm (HASH function) which converts a large, possibly variable-sized amount of data, into a single number.


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