Provides a simple & easy to use configuration management tool

FDA regulative 211.184 (c)

“An individual inventory record of each component,  drug product container, and closure and, for each  component a reconciliation of the use of each lot of such component.

The inventory record shall contain sufficient information to allow determination of any batch or lot of drug product associated with the use of each component, drug product container, and closure”.

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The web-based interface of QAcii™ uses a powerful backend database in which it structures data and maintains information on configuration items, such as software, hardware, operating system, control system, applications, libraries, raw data, as well as the relationships between them. QAcii™ ensures that a consistent inventory of IT assets is effectively manag­ed at all times across well co­ordinated team members and depart­ments.


With QAcii™ you have an easy and powerful way of monitoring hardware configuration and software installation data over the network, enabling professional system administrators to track and manage system contents throughout the entire lifecycle electronically. With QAcii™ you can be certain that all information is accurate and current.

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CI Lists

The CI list is one of the most important reports in GxP compliant environments to ensure that all systems are under control. It provides a list of all systems and every change made during the given time period. CI lists can be generated at several different organizational levels.

Our Solution

The easy to use reporting tool can be configured for your company specific layout. In addition, you can check for discrepancies between asset information in the database and the actual assets that are deployed in the company, with little chance for missed-records.

Version Control for All Configuration Levels

The key requirement in GxP compliant environments is to track changes in system configurations. The QAcii™ uses automatic version control to ensure that every change in the controlled systems is documented according the GxP requirements.The version number of the system is automatically updated with a reference to change requests. Configuration versions are not only managed on system level, but also on site and section level. By site level version control every single change to any system in the selected site can be traced. Full version history and audit trail information are available in Baseline and Audit trail reports.

Key Benefits

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More Features

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  • Automatic version management for Sites, Sections, and Systems

  • Intensive activity logging for security and full audit trail

  • Predefined reports with portable PDF file export : Baseline , Configuration Item List (CIL) and Audit-trail

System Requirements

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