Quality Assurance

Our engineers and consultants will work with you to automate your business processes and integrate them with our applications. A process that may have been paper-based, or based on older technologies, will now be integrated into a secure and reliable system that allows authorized users to access it from anywhere, at any time.

QAtor will costume develop the form template(s), workflow rules, selection lists, validation rules, external data links, etc. as required to implement the process in the optimal way. Your current paper forms, procedures, and instructions will be used as a starting point into developing the overall optimized Quality Assurance management flow.

The following steps, demonstrate the QA stages that QAtor is providing to the life science companies.

paper based forms

Your company's paper based forms, procedures, and instructions can be as a starting point.

automating the workflow

Automating the procedures, workflow and business processes by integrating them with our applications.

optimized quality assurance

A well optimized Quality Assurance management flow developed in your company/enterprise as a result.

high ROI

Reflecting on your company's value proposition and achievement of a high return on investment.

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